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Professional drone services by Construction Tech Solutions: DJI Mavic 3 Pro capturing aerial views for precision surveying and mapping

Construction Services

Professional drone services by Construction Tech Solutions: DJI Mavic 3E capturing aerial views for precision surveying and mapping

Construction Overview

Transform your construction projects with Construction Tech Solutions' premier drone services in Edmonton. Our tailored solutions encompass everything from meticulous drone surveys to precise mapping, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Streamline your workflow, optimize resource allocation, and elevate safety measures with our innovative drone services. Experience the future of construction with Construction Tech Solutions as your trusted partner for cutting-edge solutions.


point cloud from a drone survey

Drone Survey

At Construction Tech Solutions, our drone services are enhanced by the integration of both drone and traditional base and rover survey methods, ensuring a comprehensive approach to site capture through our DroneSurvey technology. This combined use of cutting-edge aerial mapping and ground-based precision surveying stands as a cornerstone of our commitment to quality in construction drone services. The meticulous integration of advanced GPS, stabilization technology, and rover-based ground surveys allows us to deliver drone surveys with unparalleled precision and reliability. Our attention to detail, both from the air and on the ground, in capturing high-resolution aerial imagery and topographical data sets us apart in the industry, particularly in drone services emittin comprehensive site analysis. By prioritizing absolute accuracy from the outset, employing both aerial and terrestrial survey methods, we lay a solid foundation for actionable insights, ensuring that our clients benefit from the most reliable data for successful project planning and execution.

a orthomosaic from a drone survey

Precision Site Planning

Following the precise drone survey, our second phase at Construction Tech Solutions, involves transforming initial concepts into tangible, detailed design files. As an expert with extensive experience in earthworks and civil projects, I bring a depth of insight to each design. Whether it's a PDF, a bid package, or a custom vision from our clients, I meticulously craft these designs ensuring every aspect — from slopes to water drainage — harmoniously integrates with the property's natural topography. My expertise as a civil superintendent helps me foresee and mitigate potential issues with ditches, property lines, and other environmental factors. Beyond just layout planning, my service offers comprehensive site analysis, including cut fill maps, volume metrics, and detailed overviews, ensuring that each design not only aligns with, but enhances, the existing terrain. Leveraging my experience in drone services and drone survey, I provide invaluable data that helps clients visualize and optimize their projects, guaranteeing efficient and effective solutions for every unique challenge presented by the site.

a cut fill map fron a drone survey

Strategic Site Insights

At Construction Tech Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive deliverables that are tailored to each client's unique needs. Leveraging my extensive background in earthworks, I interpret and transform complex data into practical, easy-to-understand information, ensuring optimal outcomes for each site. Our deliverables go beyond standard drone services and drone surveys; they're infused with professional insights gained from years of experience. Clients receive detailed cut fill maps, like the one showcased here, along with precise volume metrics, setback analysis, and an in-depth site overview. This meticulous approach allows for a thorough understanding of the project, from volume calculations to potential site challenges, ensuring that every aspect is planned with precision and care. Our commitment is to deliver not just data, but actionable insights that lead to the best possible development of your site, making Construction Tech Solutions a trusted partner in your construction journey.

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