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Professional drone services by Construction Tech Solutions: DJI Mavic 3 Pro capturing aerial views for precision surveying and mapping

Acreage Services

Professional drone services by Construction Tech Solutions: DJI Mavic 3E capturing aerial views for precision surveying and mapping

Drone Services and
Acreage Development 

Welcome to Construction Tech Solutions, the forefront innovator in drone technology and acreage development, dedicated to transforming land projects in  Parkland County, Lac St. Anne County. Yellowhead county, Leduc County and Brazeau County. Our expertise in drone surveys and mapping, combined with over 15 years of experience in earthworks, brings unmatched precision and efficiency to your land development projects. Whether it's detailed site assessments, custom layout planning, or comprehensive permitting support, we utilize cutting-edge drone services to ensure the success of every project. Discover the potential of advanced technology and seasoned expertise in realizing your land development vision.


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Innovative Drone and Survey Solutions for Comprehensive Land Analysis

  • Aerial Surveys with Advanced Drone Technology: We harness the power of drone services in Edmonton to provide comprehensive aerial surveys of your land. Our approach covers all vital aspects, including water drainage and terrain analysis, ensuring a thorough understanding of your acreage. As a bonus, we also offer stunning acreage aerial pictures and captivating acreage aerial videos, providing you with a holistic view from above. Experience the combined benefits of cutting-edge drone technology and expert aerial surveying tailored to your needs.

  • Practical Applications: These surveys are more than just technical exercises. They give you a real understanding of your land's potential and limitations, which is crucial for planning and development.

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Custom Site Planning and Engineering Support

  • Detailed Site Layout Plans with Drone Precision: Our team uses drone mapping to design detailed layouts for your acreage, ensuring every element of the space is utilized effectively and beautifully.

  • AutoCAD Design Services: If you require engineering plans, our drone survey expertise complements our ability to create custom designs. These are presented in easy-to-understand formats, perfect for review and practical use.

  • Permitting Simplified: Navigating the permitting process in Edmonton becomes less daunting with our drone mapping services. We provide detailed plans that clarify your project's scope and compliance, making the process smoother and more transparent.

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Why Choose Us:
Blending Technology with Hands-On Experience

  • Decades of Earthworks Expertise: Our extensive experience in earthworks, coupled with advanced drone technology, forms the bedrock of our services. This combination ensures your project is built on a foundation of practical knowledge and cutting-edge techniques.

  • Insider Knowledge as former septic installer: Our unique background ensures your project adheres to all health and safety standards.

  • Proven Track Record in Acreage Development: With a history of successful acreage development in Alberta, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities of land development.

  Ready to Start Your Project?

Embark on your next acreage project with confidence. Contact us to discover how our unique blend of technology and expertise can bring your vision to life.

Acreage Drone Services

Experience seamless acreage development with our specialized drone services tailored to your needs. Our expertise extends to providing high-quality acreage aerial photos and videos, offering a comprehensive view of your property. Whether you're planning, monitoring, or showcasing your acreage, trust our precise aerial solutions to capture every detail. Elevate your project with our cutting-edge acreage drone services, ensuring efficient and accurate data collection for optimal results.

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